Choosing a Bathroom

Choosing a new Bathroom Suite

Whilst catalogues can guide you on colour and aesthetics, we recommend visiting a showroom to decide what type of bathroom you’d like, from both a practical and functional viewpoint. It is important to consider how long you will have your bathroom suite, considering that what is ‘on-trend’ at the moment may look dated and need replacing in five years. Try to find a bathroom suite that is timeless in its design and fits your room perfectly to maximise your space. As well as design, important points are energy efficiency – especially when considering electric showers – as well as water saving features such as a double flush toilet. You also need to consider what light source you’d prefer for your bathroom.

Crystal Complete Building can advise you on choosing the right bathroom suite, where to buy and what to consider. With options from pick & mix bathroom suites, to bathtub materials – plastic, steel or cast iron – as well as choosing quality brands and the right options for your budget and space.