CIRI: Construction Industry Register Ireland

A new register of construction companies and sole-trader builders has been established to help you find reputable builders. The new register is called the Construction Industry Register Ireland (CIRI) and includes main contractors, builders, specialists, sub contractors and sole traders of all sizes.

The purpose of CIRI is to try to distinguish legitimate construction companies/sole traders from those who have given the industry a bad name. There is a strict application process for registration and only reputable builders will succeed. CIRI will help members of the public to separate registered professionals from those not on the register. It will highlight contractors who follow best practice and promotes Continual Professional Development to help maintain high industry standards. As certified builders, Crystal Complete Building meet the criteria for registration set by the Construction Industry Register Ireland (CIRI) Board and received registration on the 18th December 2014.

Registration on the Construction Industry Register Ireland demonstrates a high level of compliance and a commitment to abide by the CIRI Code of Ethics and Member Obligations.

Companies on the CIRI register are regarded as competent for the purposes of the Building Control (Amendment) Regulations 2014. Click here to see Crystal Complete Buildings registration details on the CIRI website.