Conservatory Conversions

With older or poorly fitted conservatories it can be difficult to enjoy the comfort expected. We can offer an affordable solution with minimal disruption with typical conservatory conversion being fully complete in under a week.

Convert your conservatory room to achieve high comfort levels with the industry leading Guardian Roof System. Fully ventilated and insulated the Guardian system is quickly installed, replacing the roof of your conservatory with a solid roof specifically designed to be lightweight and strong giving a long-lasting durable finish.

External finish either lightweight shingles or slate, both with market leading performance to withstand extreme weather conditions. Internally the ceiling can be plaster finished or cladded with timber or uPVC sheeting to achieve your desired look.

Replacing your conservatory roof will allow you to reclaim your lost room giving you back a space which is versatile,comfortable and cosy and most importantly reasonably priced.

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